Micro-foam whitener

ForDaily Use
Clinically Proven
Cleans & Whitens Teeth Better Than Toothpaste

Daily White™ Fusion™ is a teeth whitening dental foam that is meant to replace toothpaste. The micro-foam cleans and whitens better and leaves mouth fresher. Plus, it helps prevent stains and cavities and improves gum health as well. Fusion is especially ideal for people with braces. It is safe for daily use. The attractive embossed packaging with foil makes this an appealing retail product for your salon, office, or store.


  • Cleans, Whitens, Freshens
  • Anti-Cavity, Anti-Stain
  • For Daily Use
  • 2-4 Month Supply
  • Dentist Recommended
  • Clinically Proven
  • Good for Gums