(NEW) Ivory Teeth Whitening LED Home Whitening Kit


The latest in teeth whitening technology

Whiten in only 16 min. Featuring our newest whitening formula & ingredients to help strengthen and whiten at the same time. Includes: LED mouth tray with magnetic USB charger, 3 whitening pens, 1 primer pen, and shade guide

Peroxide free formula with no sensitivity - designed to whiten in only 16 min

  • Whiten and strengthen with our key ingredients
  • Includes 3 whitening pens for (15-25) whitening sessions per kit
  • Includes bonus primer pen
  • Whitening brush tip pen helps with precise application and saves gel compared to syringes.
  • PAP gel specially designed for sensitive teeth and a gentle whitening routine
  • Hydroxyapatite added to help strengthen and repair teeth
  • Potassium Nitrate added to help desensitize your teeth
  • Comes with wireless and waterproof led mouthpiece
  • Quick charging with magnetic USB charger
  • Shade guide included to track your progress
  • 16 min treatment led time with built in timer

    No batteries needed

    Adapters included for Iphone, Android, Usb-c or USB

    Ingredients that make a difference

    NEW P.A.P formula for no sensitivity
    Includes Hydroxyapatite to help strengthen
    Potassium Nitrate :to further reduce sensitivity
    Aloe Vera Leaf Juice extract and more vegan ingredients

    16 min treatments

    Whiten in just 16 min for optimal results!

    (4) Whitening Pens included

    Whitening brush tip for precise application where you need it. Includes enough whitening for 15-30+ treatments
    Save gel compared to whitening syringes


    Worldwide Shipping

    World wide shipping available. Our product ships from Canada and has express shipping within Canada or US but also ship worldwide

    Whiter results guaranteed

    Use our kit for 7-21 days for guaranteed results you will love!

    Support 24/7

    Email: info@ivorywhitening.com